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Sunday, July 17, 2016

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PopularSoftwareToday. - This is one of the application software for you that called with EasyBCD for Windows system. One of the version of this software is EasyBCD 2.3.207 Final + portable for Windows for Windows this time.

In here, beside we will give you link to take free download EasyBCD 2.3.207 Final + portable for Windows from external server, we also will give you global review about this software that will give you overview for you before you use it.


This is EasyBCD 2.3.207 Final + portable for Windows for you. According Okhax blog describe that EasyBCD is the latest free software for those of us who often make up a dual boot operating system on the windows, EasyBCD Final Free is indeed designed to enable us to set the bootloader that supports various kinds of operating systems.

For those of us who like to install multiple operating systems on one computer, are not necessarily familiar with EasyBCD. Well, for those of us who again tried to do dualbooting computer and set bootlaoder confused her, please use EasyBCD Final Free to do the easy config.

Or for those of us who are doing a dual boot windows, for example, then delete it one of the os, but when they appear choice of dual booting operating system, we can delete the config with this software.

Features :
  • Full Windows 10 support
  • Native and complete EFI support,1 including the creation of bootable USB sticks in EFI environments
  • Better screen reader compatibility and integration for visually-impaired EasyBCD users everywhere
  • More support for localizing the Windows bootloader and configuring BCD localization settings
  • Full customization and control over the metro bootloader and all its settings
  • Dynamic detection and refresh of USB and other removable drives
  • New languages and translations


And now you can click link button below to download EasyBCD 2.3.207 Final + portable for Windows from external server.


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